Sustainable initiatives to reduce our global footprint

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Protecting our planet

As a company with clients and teams all over the world, we have committed to focusing our efforts to protect our planet on four areas that are paramount to our business and operations. These include energy and greenhouse gas management and reduction, e-waste and other recycling, clean technology and reducing the environmental impact for our clients and communities throughout every interaction.

lbs. of paper recycled in 2021
of energy from renewable sources
items of e-waste recycled in 2021

Key environmental focus areas

Energy/GHG management and reductions

We have set a goal to reduce our global Scope 2 emissions 40–50% from our 2019 baseline by 2030. We are constantly monitoring our energy use and looking for ways to reduce our consumption, such as moving our operations to locations where renewable energy is more readily available. Currently, 25% of our international fleet of vehicles is hybrid or electric with plans to expand. And, through a breadth of digital solutions that have a smaller environmental impact, we enable our clients to minimize their emissions as well.

Electronic waste and other recycling

We recycled over 36,000 pieces of electronic equipment globally last year. This accomplishment was, in part, the result of a multi-year data center migration project to state-of-the-art, more energy efficient facilities. We have partnered with secure providers that safely destroy identifying information and return usable resources to the electronics industry manufacturing stream. Since, 2017 we have also recycled over 69.7M lbs. of paper in our offices and production facilities while automating processes and digitizing documents as much as possible.

Opportunities in clean technology

Conduent has partnered with a women-owned and operated firm to assess lighting in our production and office operations across the U.S. to identify additional energy conservation opportunities that can be applied across our global operations. We are also proud to support one of the largest privately owned net-metered solar projects in the Western Hemisphere. Our primary data center uses a 14.1MW solar field for power with an on-site rain-water collection system and heat exchangers that provide full and mixed-mode free cooling.

Reducing environmental impact

Many Conduent solutions across our Government, Transportation and Commercial businesses contribute to environmental sustainability through reducing emissions, employing recycling best practices and enabling digital delivery. For example, our electronic child support payment solutions process more than $11 billion annually, or approximately one-third of U.S. child support funds. For transportation, our road usage charging, public transit, public safety and curbside management help make a social impact. And, our CXM solutions deliver digital engagement that reduces paper supply chain needs.