HR Outsourcing & Training

Successful travel and hospitality companies know that talented employees can be a powerful competitive advantage. When you develop top talent, you’re better equipped to compete on a global level. Our travel industry learning programs not only help educate employees – but partners, vendors and other stakeholders, as well.

Our travel and hospitality training solutions can help you:

  • Train and educate employees and leaders
  • Create effective employee development programs, cost-effectively
  • Motivate your workforce
  • Improve efficiency and lower costs
  • Drive better consumer experiences with a more knowledgeable workforce
  • Improve performance across your organization through educated employees, partners and stakeholders

Think about all of your stakeholders. Not just employees, but customers, vendors, business leaders and channel partners, too. Each one has a unique set of needs to learn something about your company. But creating individual travel learning programs in-house may not be the best use of your resources.

That’s where we come in. Our travel and hospitality learning services specialize in strategy, assessment and consulting. We do everything from content development and design to administration and execution.

We can deliver fully outsourced, partial or discrete travel learning solutions, depending on your needs. Here’s a sampling of what we offer:

  • Learning administration
  • Instructor resource management
  • Strategic sourcing
  • Content design and development

In addition to our Learning Services, we offer a whole suite of Human Resources Outsourcing services to help you attract, retain and grow top talent. These solutions include:

Employee Benefit Services

  • Designing and administering health and insurance plans, pensions and 401(k).
  • Implementing and managing employee wellness programs.
  • Moving your talent around the globe.

HR Administration Services

  • Offering tailored tools and global delivery for HR administration and payroll services.
  • Recruiting top talent.

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