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Our commitment for the future is based on ensuring that our customers have the solutions they need to intelligently manage traffic flow and their ever-changing operating environment. Electronic Toll Collection (ETC) is now a necessity and a daily part of many commuters’ lives. We’re helping them get where they need to go.

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Demands for faster and greater vehicle throughput technologies are providing the basis for another tolling evolution—including new concepts where toll booths give way to all-electronic, non-stop, open road tolling.

By opening high occupancy vehicle (HOV) lanes to single occupant vehicles (SOV), high occupancy toll (HOT) lanes are created that increase capacity and reduce travel times. HOT lanes (also called Express Lanes) provide transportation agencies a means to relieve congestion and create a new source of revenue to fund corridor transportation improvements. Simply put, HOT lanes provide a means to expand travel capacity without building more freeways or expanding existing ones.

Other forms of open road tolling:

  • Multi-lane Free-Flow Tolling–Open Road Tolling
  • Video Tolling
  • Dynamic Toll Pricing including Congestion Pricing
  • Mileage-Based User Fees
  • Integration of Open Road Tolling within existing toll facilities

How Conduent Can Help

It’s a fact: traffic jams reduce quality of life for everyone. That’s why we have an array of electronic toll collection systems and other mobility solutions to increase your traffic flow. We can help you determine the best combination for your agency.

  • Electronic Toll Collection Back Office: Our back office solution for tolling makes it easy for account owners to contact customer support and resolve questions. Our services and operations are so tightly integrated that we’re able to take advantage of the data collected in operations and constantly improve customer service.
  • Electronic Toll Collection Roadside: It’s in your best interest—as well as ours—to increase operational efficiencies wherever possible. We install overhead and roadside hardware and related software needed to deliver a functioning tolling system.
  • Vehicle Passenger Detection System: Make sure your managed lanes are being used properly, so that they are increasing throughput of people on the roadway. Our HOV/HOT lane enforcement solution uses video analytics to identify the number of occupants in a vehicle, at speeds ranging from stop-and-go to 100mph.
  • Automated License Plate Recognition: Automated license plate recognition is an essential aspect to any all-electronic tolling (AET) or toll collection program. While most vehicles traveling on toll roads will likely have a transponder, others will not. If there isn’t a way to identify the vehicles accessing the toll roads tolling agencies lose revenue that could be reinvested into transportation projects.
  • Commercial Trucking Fleet Management: Intelligent transportation solutions create operational efficiencies for the commercial trucking industry. By reducing queues and idling at weigh stations and inspection facilities, carriers save time, money and fuel in addition to reducing harmful emissions.

Electronic Toll Collection (ETC) has evolved to support the digital age with technologies that safeguard toll revenues. Beyond replacing cash collections to improve revenue accountability, ETC provides an enhanced customer experience by improving mobility, increasing safety and adding convenience.

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Thought Leader

Ken Philmus, Senior Director Global Business Development

Ken has more than 46 years of toll road and public transportation facility management and consulting experience. He spent 33 years working for the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey, most recently as the Director of tunnels, bridges and bus terminals. There he managed a staff of 1,400, an operating budget of $250 million, and oversaw facilities including the George Washington Bridge, the Lincoln and Holland Tunnels and the Port Authority Bus Terminal that served more than 1.5 million customers per day. After leaving the Port Authority in 2004, Ken served as national director of toll services for AECOM, where he developed consultative and engineering relationships with toll agencies and state departments of transportation. Ken now serves as senior director for global business development for Conduent Public Transportation and Mobility, where he facilitates transportation revenue solutions with a primary focus on tolling and user fees as well as on other transportation management solutions. In January 2013, the International Bridge, Tunnel and Tolling Association (IBTTA) made Ken an Honorary Member, its highest possible recognition.

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