Labor and Workforce Solutions from Conduent

Hardworking people form the backbone of the economy. Governments must do all they can to support their workforce—even when an accident or unforeseen circumstance prevents them from working for a short time. That’s when things like electronic payment cards or efficient claims processing and case tracking can make all the difference.

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Conduent Solutions for Labor and Workforce help streamline onerous, paper-based tasks by turning them into efficient, digital processes. Our electronic payment cards, claims processing, case tracking and workflow solutions help reduce costs and time, and deliver exceptional service.

As a preferred partner for government workforce clients, we offer:

  • Electronic payment cards for unemployment insurance, workers’ compensation and other temporary assistance
  • Claims processing
  • Workflow solutions
  • Occupational health case tracking

With our government workforce solutions in place, you’ll notice cost savings through electronic payment cards, and quicker, more accurate claims and transaction processing. Plus, the workers in your community will count on timely, accurate payments delivered through secure transactions that protect their personal information.

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Labor and Workforce

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