Conduent Payment and
Tax Solutions

Safeguarding and delivering funds is one of government’s most essential responsibilities, whether your agency is federal, state or local in nature. We’ll help you manage security, accuracy and speed, making things easier for your employees and constituents alike.

Tax Refund Payment Cards

Remove the burden and cost associated with issuing paper checks by leveraging a prepaid debit card for tax refunds to constituents. We can implement a safe and secure method of disbursing tax refunds quickly while providing relief for department staff by reducing incoming calls for missing checks, escheatment expenses and stop check processing.

Pension Cards

While many pension recipients utilize direct deposit to receive their monthly payments, a prepaid debit card is an alternative for those who are still receiving checks.  Offering a branded MasterCard or Visa card provides convenient access to banks, ATMs, and retailers (domestic and internationally) for their pension payments.

Payroll Cards

Turn your paper-based payroll into a thing of the past. Payroll cards reduce your administrative burden while improving convenience for your employees. We’ll help you deliver convenient, timely, accurate payroll, while eliminating burdensome check-cashing fees for the unbanked and making funds available everywhere MasterCard or Visa Cards are accepted, including ATMs locally and worldwide.

Benefits and Payments Disbursement

Any current benefit or payment currently delivered to a constituent through a paper check can be upgraded through the implementation of a prepaid debit card program.  Our solution is ready in a matter of a few weeks to provide immediate relief to program staff and costly paper checks and postage expenses.  Many recipients receiving a payment or a benefit disbursement may not have a bank account and the safety and convenience of a FDIC-insured debit card provides them not only with a tool to help with budgeting, zero-liability for fraudulent transactions but also the financial inclusion to make purchases both in-store and online.

AgileFlow Property Tax Manager

Compliment your knowledge and expertise. Our experts understand your challenges with a revenue-driven business process that can feel complex and endless.  Our solution manages essential tasks with automated, digital solutions to better serve your constituents by handling valuations, billing and collections of property taxes more resourcefully, no matter the size of your office or task.

Our solution includes the following modules:

  • Computer-Aided Mass Appraisal (CAMA): Manage the values within your jurisdiction with IAAO standard tools and provides for cost, market, and income approach options; GIS integration; condo and complex management; mobile home park management; tools to easily compare cost approaches; and robust reporting and analysis tools
  • Property Assessment Administration: Manage and maintain your parcels and assessment units along with related processing to manage ownership and related addresses. Our solution offers easy to use search and query tools, built-in reports and reporting, parcel management tasks and workflows, assessment unit management, and exemption management.
  • Property Tax Billing and Collections: Manage your property tax billing and collections with workflow driven processing. This solution is designed for local governments to handle both routine and more complex tasks for tax calculation for real and personal property accounts. State-of-the-art tools help you manage calculations including TIF districts, special assessments, abatements, exemptions, general ledger and levy book management, and c