Government Payment Solutions

Innovation is an ongoing process—a continuous series of changes, a combination of revolution and evolution. The ever-changing field of government payment processing requires constant innovation—and we’ve been at the forefront every step of the way.

Whether bringing continued innovation to decades-long client relationships or implementing new, time-sensitive functionality like Pandemic EBT, we work constantly to improve government payment solutions for individuals, ease implementation for all stakeholders, protect against fraud and lower overall expenditures for states.

Electronic Benefits Transfer (EBT)

Individuals in need receive their benefits quickly and accurately with EBT cards powered by EPPIC. Our ConnectEBT mobile app gives EBT cardholders secure, convenient access to information and funds. State agencies use our EBT Intelligent Analytics Portal to combat fraud, waste and abuse.

Women, Infants and Children (WIC) EBT

Now that WIC EBT is a federal mandate, states demand a powerful solution. We can help you reduce risk and ensure a smooth transition. We were the first to introduce WIC EBT and our core solution leverages proven best practices—no need to start from scratch.

Electronic Payment Cards (EPC)

The possibilities of disbursement via EPC cards are nearly endless. Our Go Program makes it easy for cardholders to use benefits wherever major debit cards are accepted, buying needed purchases such as groceries, gasoline, school clothes or utilities. From post-disaster emergency benefits to foster care and adoption payments, our programs make access simple and secure.

Electronic Child Care (ECC)

Improving service for parents and providers alike, our ECC Connect solution incorporates technology to make lives easier. Parents use a convenient card, biometric or mobile application to check their child in and out of daycare, creating electronic records of real-time check-in and check-out that facilitate automatic payment calculations and speedy payments to providers.

Payroll Cards

Turn your paper-based payroll into a thing of the past. Payroll cards reduce your administrative burden while improving convenience for your employees. We’ll help you deliver convenient, timely, accurate payroll, while eliminating burdensome check-cashing fees for the unbanked and making funds available everywhere MasterCard or Visa Cards are accepted, including ATMs locally and worldwide.

Pension Cards

While many pension recipients utilize direct deposit to receive their monthly payments, a prepaid debit card is an alternative for those who are still receiving checks.  Offering a branded MasterCard or Visa card provides convenient access to banks, ATMs, and retailers (domestic and internationally) for their pension payments.