Electronic Visit Verification Solutions

Conduent delivers solutions to make subsidized in-home care services more accessible and secure for patients, providers and state government administrators.

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Conduent Electronic Visit Verification (EVV) solutions use mobile, biometric and/or Interactive Voice Response (IVR) technologies to ensure accurate tracking of in-home patient care visits. EVV helps state agencies streamline burdensome manual, paper-driven processes,while simultaneously reducing fraud and ensuring compliance with the 21st Century Cures Act, which requires all states and territories to implement EVV for personal care services (PCS) by January 1, 2019 and all home health aide services (HHS) by January 1, 2023 or risk losing a portion of their federal assistance for yearly Medicaid expenditure.

Conduent stands ready to help you meet growing healthcare service demands, leveraging digital tools and expert insights to rein in costs, lower fraud risks, and better serve patients under your state’s care.

Our system captures and manages the data points listed below to ensure compliance with the Act, verifying pre-authorization and generating a claim.  It can also be configured to capture additional information and is flexible and adaptable to accommodate future requirements.

Requirements include:

  • Type of service performed
  • Individual receiving service
  • Date of service
  • Location of service delivery
  • Individual providing service
  • Time service begins and ends

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