Public Health Departments

By adding precise focus on community needs, Healthy Communities Institute helps to address social determinants and risk factors in public health improvement strategies.

Those charged with protecting and promoting the health of the communities they serve often lack a centralized public platform to share the very data they hope to improve. Public health departments have an increasing number of objectives to meet state and community health improvement processes and need a streamlined way to show they are assessing and addressing the public health needs of the community.

From assessment, to evidence-based program implementation, to evaluation and tracking program success, Healthy Communities Institute provides a one-stop solution for public health improvement. County and state public health departments are using our technology and professional services to promote civic engagement, make meaningful change and tell the story of their public health improvement efforts.

The HCI platform serves as a central repository to integrate all data and activities related to Community Health Assessments (CHA), Community Health Improvement Plans (CHIP) and strategic planning, as well as to help meet Public Health Accreditation Board (PHAB) assessments and state requirements.

It includes:

  • Mapping and data visualization tools
  • Dashboard of over 100 health and quality-of-life indicators
  • Promising Practices (2,000+) database of evidence-based programs
  • SocioNeeds Index to pinpoint and prioritize the most at-risk populations
  • Local resources
  • Community engagement and collaboration tools: event calendar, news, polls, etc.

Of interest if you are a:

  • Health planner/officer
  • Epidemiologist
  • Health communications manager
  • Health planning and policy manager
  • Executive director
  • Grant manager
  • Public information officer
  • Collect and organize data in one central system

Public health data is often decentralized and difficult to find. Save time on collecting and organizing data with the HCI platform, a centralized source that displays publicly available data for your community.

Provide accessible and understandable data for your community

Health data is often inaccessible—tucked away in a spreadsheet under a layer of query tools. Once the data is downloaded, it’s often overwhelming and difficult to interpret. The HCI platform provides a snapshot of your community’s health on a publicly accessible website. Each indicator is represented with a color-coded gauge that lets you visualize how your community stacks up to other communities in your state or in the country.

Meet the PHAB requirements

We help you meet PHAB, state and community public health improvement initiatives by comparing key health and quality-of-life indicators to national Healthy People 2020 targets, and providing the ability to create locally defined targets.

Identify high-risk zip codes with our exclusive SocioNeeds Index

Our platform includes our SocioNeeds Index, a measure of socioeconomic need that is correlated with hospitalization data and poor health outcomes. It is displayed on an interactive map where you can identify which zip codes in your community have the highest level of socioeconomic need and can benefit most from supportive health and social programs.

Precise guidance and support

  • Our Consulting Services are a key piece of the comprehensive offerings we’ve put in place to support your success. You’ll benefit from expertise, insight, and guidance that is deeply rooted in epidemiology, health informatics, public health administration, and community benefit programs.
  • Our team works with you to drive improved community health outcomes by assessing needs, developing focused strategies, identifying appropriate intervention programs, establishing progress monitoring systems, and implementing performance evaluation processes.

Join our community of clients

Healthy Communities Institute is more than just technology and professional services. Our community of clients spans the country, giving you access to a “built-in support system” for brainstorming ideas, modeling similar programs and serving as your sounding board.

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