Prescription Drug Management

We combine data-infused insight and clinical experience to combat prescription drug abuse and misuse.

Prescription drug management solutions are essential in the current climate of opioid abuse. While a growing number of states are taking action to stem the overprescribing of prescription painkillers, there is much work to do.  Prescription opioid abuse continues to impact healthcare costs, workplace safety and employee productivity. This has led to a spike in demand for solutions to employee prescription drug abuse.

Because prescription drug and opioid abuse is a multi-faceted problem, it requires a multi-faceted, data-driven solution. Conduent offers targeted clinical services and expertise to comprehensively confront the issue at each stage of patient care.

Stage 1 – Identification and analysis using targeted tools such as utilization review, clinical peer review and risk assessment and scoring

Stage 2 – Prevention and education through nurse case management intervention, patient coaching and provider outreach

Stage 3 – Monitoring and management conducted through pain management programs, drug screenings, roundtable and pharmacy nurse services

Tips for Targeted Risk Control

Conduent gives employers, insurers and prescription benefit providers more data to drive decisions for better management of healthcare costs and services.

To target opioid costs, we offer tools to identify claims with potential for high risk. We start by focusing on claims that involve acute injuries, claims that reveal a large increase in pharmacy spend, or claims with annual pharmacy costs at or above the $3,000 level. Other identifiers include multiple medications, especially multiple analgesics, and cases that are still open a year or more  from the date of injury.