Pharmaceutical Sales Solutions

We help drug manufacturers launch and maintain brands with focused pharmaceutical marketing services and support every phase of a pharmaceutical product’s lifecycle.

At Conduent, we have a deep history providing inside sales and marketing solutions to help drug manufacturers launch and maintain their brands. Our extensive industry experience guides us in designing flexible and versatile solutions. Our knowledge and expertise in healthcare, emergent campaigns, remote engagement and technology places Conduent in a unique position to add value during this current COVID-19 epidemic and beyond.

Pharmaceutical Inside Sales

We help brand, deploy and sell drugs across the entire patent lifecycle — complementing your sales strategy to improve reach and increase market share.

  • Innovative solutions to break down access barriers and provide tailored communications that promote brand loyalty
  • Multichannel programs to help overcome prescribing barriers and realize better outcomes
  • Experienced inside sales teams ready to partner with your field sales associates to drive the next best action
  • Use of predictive and prescriptive data analytics to increase Rx writing

Tap into our nearly 30 years of experience in physician detailing and allow our highly experienced field-equivalent reps to engage your customers in multichannel communications that perpetuate your marketing campaigns and drive consistent results.

Multichannel Marketing to Healthcare Providers and Pharmacies

Solutions for Healthcare Providers
We’ve been partnering with healthcare providers for over three decades and are experts at total office healthcare communication. By combining, customizing and determining the best balance of people, process and technologies, we’re able to drive action, market share and revenue to successfully meet our clients’ needs.

  • Impact Reps: Optimize and enhance rep impact with virtual engagement training via video detailing, chat, and email
  • Connect: Increase collaboration with field sales on shared targets and generate new leads via mobile enabled communication between teams
  • Virtual/White Space: Reach 100% of non-covered, low access, no see or vacant accounts virtually by combining chat, chatbot, email, and IVR with virtual rep support
  • Omnichannel Communication: Enhance profiling, education & awareness, product and formulary notifications via the target’s preferred channel
  • Interactive Engagement: Supplement field rep support with new, innovative ways to educate targets and deliver product education and training through augmented reality

Solutions for Pharmacies
The retail pharmacy segment is often overlooked as a professional audience capable of maximizing brand performance at every stage of a product’s life cycle. We recognize that patients trust their pharmacists and often make purchase decisions based on their recommendations. Conduent representatives are able to deliver your time-sensitive product and program messages to independent, hospital, and chain pharmacies using our proprietary database. We have a high acquisition rate and the capability to take orders, pass orders onto wholesalers, and get your product on the shelf.

  • Stocking/Retail Pull-Through
  • Full-Line Sales
  • Education & Awareness
  • Formulary Notification
  • Crisis Communication
  • Rebate Processing & Management

Pharmacy Sales & Stocking Programs

Our comprehensive programs include:

  • Order taking, stocking and auto-shipping (InStock®)
  • Fulfillment of stocking incentive checks
  • Formulary change notifications (FormAlert®)
  • Blended voice and digital education and awareness communications