Patient Outcome Solutions

Our Pharmaceutical Information Solutions help consumers get the products and information they need. It’s part of our commitment to making healthcare more accessible, affordable and effective.

For more than 20 years, we have been the leading provider of call centers and related support for healthcare products — designing scalable solutions that can be quickly modified in response to market trends or unforeseen events.

Medical Information Support

Medical information organizations are tasked with providing timely, sensitive and accurate responses to customer, caregiver and healthcare provider inquiries. Manufacturers must rely on medical affairs organizations to provide this pharmaceutical information within today’s stringent regulatory environment. We understand the critical nature of this function and have developed quality and regulatory compliance processes to protect our clients and their constituents.

We have extensive experience in recognizing, documenting and reporting adverse events and product quality complaints. We’ll also ensure compliance with your SOPs and federally mandated requirements. Client and internal audits have produced favorable findings with Conduent, consistently meeting quality and compliance goals. We can also capture data, maintain regulatory compliance (such as HIPAA) and seamlessly transfer data back to your internal systems. Our compliance officer is involved in each pharmaceutical program, overseeing the training of our handpicked communication specialists and ensuring specific regulatory concerns are met.

With comprehensive pharmaceutical information solutions delivered by highly skilled and tenured specialists and healthcare professionals, you can trust our ability to serve your needs. We provide high quality communications solutions that are both efficient and cost-effective.

Adherence and Compliance Programs

Many pharmaceutical and medical device products require complex, specialized communication and support programs. Patients need to understand how to adapt to the lifestyle changes of a disease state and new drug regimen. We excel at developing flexible, creative and comprehensive pharmaceutical information solutions through all phases of the product life cycle to improve loyalty, adherence and compliance.

  • We have represented pharmaceutical companies in conversations with hundreds of thousands of consumers, families and caregivers.
  • We understand the needs of each disease state and the value of providing accurate and convenient information in promoting usage and compliance.
  • We know how to listen and respond with clear, meaningful and personalized information.

Patient Access Solutions

Our Patient Support Services drive product adoption, brand loyalty and medication adherence. We develop programs that simplify the challenges of a complex healthcare landscape, which is getting more complicated with the progression of healthcare reform.

Helping patients get answers and access to your products promotes adoption, proper usage and enduring brand loyalty. By coordinating call center activity with digital channels across all patient services, we provide data reporting and analytics that deliver truly actionable insights.

Specialty Reimbursement Support

We also specialize in handling patient-access and reimbursement services for specialty pharmaceutical marketers. Our hub services help alleviate the high cost and complexity of arranging reimbursement with payers. We not only concentrate on the reimbursement and prior-authorization requirements, but can also provide ongoing patient counseling and care coordination with other healthcare providers and pharmacies.