Payment Processing Services

Having fast access to cash from payments can mean all the difference in gaining a competitive edge in the marketplace.

Our integrated Payment Processing Services help put money to work faster and provide enhanced convenience for financial institutions. You can offer payment collection and processing services for your corporate customers by using our wholesale and retail lockbox services.


If your company is focused on delivering high-quality cash and treasury management services to your client base, our lockbox services are the ideal solution. We provide seamless, single-source remittance processing in key U.S. lockbox markets. Our services also provide the maximum availability of funds while eliminating the need to concentrate funds from multiple banks or consolidate remittance information from multiple locations. We reduce mail float time with our nationwide network of processing facilities strategically located in the top-tier mail collection cities most desired by commercial firms for lockbox processing.


Our image-based workflow gives clients faster access to images and payment information and accelerates the cash flow process through:

  • Amount Entry, Data Entry, Recognition Services and Data Validation: We use “hub and spoke” architecture for our lockbox processing operations. Transaction images are sent electronically from the operational capture site to a data entry site.
  • Image Capture: High-speed OCR imaging hardware and software payment technology is used to capture images and data from both sides of each check and remittance.
  • Image File Delivery: An XML image file transmission option is available that updates your customer’s internal image archive with data from one or more lockboxes and delivers it to meet your customer’s deadlines.
  • Inbound File Consolidation: Allows files of payment information from other sources.
  • Receivables Data Files: These provide customers with a single, consolidated payment information file.
  • Mail Delivery and Sorting Remittance: Mail is picked up regularly, day, night and weekends from the USPS based on a pre-determined schedule and sorted to unique destinations. (Courier deliveries are also accepted.)
  • Receivables Data File Delivery: Transaction data captured from checks and remittance documents is formatted according to customer specific file specifications. The receivables data file transmission updates your customer’s accounts receivable systems.