Order to Cash

On behalf of business and government, we deliver value-based end-to-end Order-to-Cash services that support the entire customer-to-cash lifecycle, driving more efficient process, improved working capital performance and reducing DSO

Optimizing the end to end Order-to-Cash cycle is key to revenue growth, working capital performance and client satisfaction.  It is important to ensure your order-to-cash processes are easy and simple for your customers to understand and execute.  Best practices and enabling technology are also critical to help streamline the process to improve the overall cycle time from order placement to payment collection.  Optimizing your Days Sales Outstanding (DSO) can improve working capital performance and drive millions of dollars of annual benefit.  Companies need to balance effectiveness and efficiency to really optimize the end to end business process.

We have the broadest network of global delivery expertise in the industry. Our extensive multi-industry experience enables us to leverage our knowledge against your unique requirements and industry best practices to deliver world-class results. Our flexible delivery model encompasses onshore, near-shore, and offshore centers to deliver the benefits of global service delivery. We understand the importance of customer service, language skills, process expertise and cultural affinity when dealing with your customer-facing processes.

Our experts begin by assessing your operation holistically, applying best practices and technology that drive transparency and delivers immediate results. Our Order-to-Cash services include:

  • Credit Management
  • Order Management
  • Customer Billing
  • Customer Payments & Deductions
  • Accounts Receivable Management
  • Collections & Disputes Management
  • Bad Debt, Reserves and Write-Offs
  • DSO Analytics, Reporting, and Payment Trending

We streamline and optimize Accounts Receivable processes with Conduent Order-to-Cash technology, our cloud-based Value+ platform.