Compliance and Risk Solutions

The exploding growth of corporate data volume and sources, rise in regulatory oversight, globalization of workforces and operations, and increasing use of third-party vendors and suppliers presents new compliances challenges—and risks—for your organization. Now, you have the opportunity to detect and resolve issues early on.

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Organizations face challenges in meeting new and changing regulatory requirements —and there’s unmonitored and undetected risk that traditional compliance systems often miss.

To protect your company and your brand, you need the right combination of data analytics, prevention tools and expertise to pinpoint data indicative of untapped risk. We offer the following services:

Contract Analytics

Our digital strategies for contract management consolidates data using machine learning and provides organizations with a single, searchable database of all contracts and available metadata. This approach enables our clients to quickly evaluate and remediate risks, respond to regulatory demands, remain compliant with contractual relationships, and optimize future contracting standards to generate greater contract value.

Data Privacy / GDPR

Without a mechanism to identify, consolidate and quickly access personal data, companies that conduct business or employ individuals in the EU expose themselves to substantial risk. Utilizing our advanced analytics and subject matter expertise, our GDPR solutions enable companies to proactively identify and remediate areas of risk in their organizations affecting employee or consumer privacy rights, quickly respond to subject access requests, optimize performance, and enhance accuracy and defensibility.

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eCommunications Auditing

We deliver actionable insights into an organization’s data on a periodic basis, with a deep analysis of a broad range of compliance issues that require a complex and extensive search–such as a highly technical issue or areas that require unique industry knowledge–across multiple communication and data stores.

eCommunications Monitoring

Our eCommunications monitoring services provide actionable insights into email and other server-based communications to help organizations address high-risk issues at the formative stages. We target clear indicators of risky behavior, non-compliance or malfeasance based on client areas of concern, whether one or multiple issues.

Validation and Look-Back Reviews

For organizations that have received a regulatory request, are subject to a formal investigation or simply want to conduct a comprehensive look-back internal review to identify potential areas of non-compliance, our validation and look-back review service quickly pares down hundreds of millions of documents or more to the small sub-set of relevant set warranting client review–at a fraction of the time and cost of traditional methods.

Areas of Expertise

We work across industries, including financial services, manufacturing, healthcare and pharma, and consumer, to help clients proactively detect and mitigate compliance risk:

  • Adherence to Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA)
  • International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR)
  • Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) and issues related to financial services fraud, price fixing allegations
  • Servicemembers Civil Relief Act (SCRA) and Military Lending Act (MLA)
  • 2013 Mortgage Rules under the Real Estate Settlement Procedures Act and Truth in Lending Act
  • Fair Debt Collection Act
  • Pharmaceutical regulations
  • Food and Drug Administration (FDA) compliance
  • Data privacy related to GDPR, PII, sensitive data, client information, proprietary intellectual property, trade secrets and privilege
  • Contract portfolio consolidation, search-ability and accessibility
  • Vendor and third-party risk management

Conduent Legal and Compliance Solutions (“Conduent”) is not authorized to practice law, and neither offers legal advice nor provides legal services in any jurisdiction. The services offered by Conduent are limited to the non-legal, administrative aspects of document review and discovery projects. Conduent provides such services solely at the direction and under the supervision of its clients’ authorized legal counsel.