Join the thousands of mortgage professionals and investors achieving true paperless efficiency with our award-winning, cloud-based mortgage loan processing solution.

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The mortgage process is complicated. Between origination, underwriting, post-closing and delivery, and throughout the servicing lifecycle, there can be dozens, sometimes hundreds and even thousands of handoffs, document additions and other transactions.

BlitzDocs streamlines workflow, increases transparency and helps you get to closing faster with an unprecedented degree of flexibility and collaboration.

Easy Integration

Our secure, cloud-based BlitzDocs eFolder is central to the loan origination and underwriting process. Because it mirrors the traditional loan folder, its impact on your existing workflows are both negligible and profound. Negligible, because it easily integrates with your current loan origination system (LOS) and workflows. Profound because it allows easy transition to a paper-free process. Upload documentation via fax, browse, drag-and-drop, barcodes or LOS integration, allowing for simultaneous access by processors, underwriters, post-closers and other mortgage professionals.

Users can use BlitzDocs to electronically review, edit, annotate and ultimately approve the loan, adding notes and stipulations as necessary.

Paperless from Start to Finish

Once a loan has been originated, BlitzDocs supports a completely paperless post-closing, quality control (QC), due diligence, investor delivery and archiving process.

With BlitzDocs, lenders can:

  • Provide employees and external third parties access to loan documents—via direct access, temporary access or direct integration
  • Apply advanced multi-tier security to ensure users only see documents that they need to see and limits editing capabilities
  • See a detailed audit trail tracking each user’s activities
  • Extend the convenience to borrowers, closing agents and attorneys with BlitzDocs Extended Edition

In addition, documents can be sent to investors or other third parties on a flow or bulk basis in a fully automated and secure transaction, with trailing documents automatically following when received.

Instant, Efficient Collaboration

The BlitzDocs eFolder provides the same efficiencies during servicing and throughout the entire loan lifecycle. Servicers have a single, secure, cloud-based point of reference for immediate access to relevant documents.

With BlitzDocs, servicers can:

  • Bridge the gap between paper, electronic documents and data to provide new levels of efficiency and customer service
  • Seamlessly and electronically receive loan packages/documents from lenders and third-party systems, reducing costs and eliminating lost documents
  • Quickly and easily access borrower correspondence without the need to order the paper file or wait for access from an imaging repository
  • Move through servicing procedures while maintaining an automatic, detailed audit trail of when and by whom document actions occurred
  • Communicate with the borrower in a secure XE transaction directly from the BlitzDocs folder

Proven Success with Deep Industry Roots

We’ve worked with hundreds of lenders and investors across the country to streamline the loan lifecycle and promote true, paperless mortgage loan processing. We’ve developed partnerships across the entire spectrum of providers, all available for collaboration via our extensive network.

Here is a sampling of some of our certified industry partners:

  • Application Partners who provide BlitzDocs-ready applications by integrating their solutions with the BlitzDocs Collaboration Suite, including MI companies, the UCDP, and the IRS
  • BPO Providers who use BlitzDocs in their loan fulfillment, closing, post-closing, shipping and servicing processes
  • Due Diligence and Quality Control providers who offer leading expertise in delivering due diligence solutions and quality control services
  • Networked Investors who accept BlitzDocs eFolders in their funding and folder shipment processes
  • Servicer/Subservicers who use BlitzDocs when servicing a loan
  • Contract Underwriters who use BlitzDocs in their origination/underwriting services
  • Technology Partners who provide key infrastructure components

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