BlitzDocs® Extended Edition

Your streamlined mortgage process isn’t complete until you’ve extended electronic access and collaboration to its logical endpoint—the borrower.

Contact Online

For most borrowers, anything you can do to speed up or simplify the mortgage loan process is a customer satisfaction win. With BlitzDocs Extended Edition, you can bring borrowers and third parties like closing agents and attorneys into the fold.

BlitzDocs Extended Edition complements your BlitzDocs eFolder to create a secure electronic portal through which third parties can access, view and perform required actions—vastly reducing the time to funding.

Lenders can perform:

  • eConsent—an electronic request to borrowers to accept electronic documents
  • eAcknowledgements—the electronic delivery of loan documents and electronic acknowledgement back from the borrower
  • eSignatures—for easy electronic signing of documents
  • eClosing Delivery—electronic delivery of loan files to a personalized, central location for closing agents to complete the closing process

It’s all safe and secure. A detailed audit trail and rigorous authentication procedures provide high levels of security and transparency at every stage.

Taking Disclosures into the Cloud

With BlitzDocs Extended Edition, the disclosure process is secure and simple.

Through eDisclosure, borrowers receive a personalized email from their assigned originator directing them to a secure portal containing their disclosure documentation. After answering a series of authentication questions to access the portal, borrowers can consent to receive electronic documents, electronically acknowledge received documents and electronically sign documents. Borrowers are also given the ability to send documents directly in their BlitzDocs folder.

For documents requiring traditional wet signatures, originators can provide instructions on how to download, print, sign and return them.

Closing on the Future

BlitzDocs Extended Edition can significantly reduce the paper-heavy closing process to speed delivery times and save money. With eClosing Delivery, lenders can instantly ship loan files to closing agents or other third parties via a secure, online document portal. The closing agent then reviews, downloads and prints the documents.

Once the closing process is complete, rather than mail in the completed loan package, the closing agent can simply upload the files directly into the proper BlitzDocs eFolder.

In the end, days are saved, costs are decreased and both the lender and the closing agent or other third party are steps closer to a completely electronic closing.