PPO Network Management

We don’t own the PPO networks.
We connect you to the right ones.

Because we intentionally avoid ownership of any healthcare network, our clients benefit from our philosophy of access to all, ownership of none. We believe strongly that the decision to partner with a broad-based PPO or specialty healthcare network should be made solely on the unique profile of your business and the value it delivers: improved network penetration, efficiency, savings, and patient outcomes.

We’ll work with you to customize a PPO network solution for national, regional and specialty network coverage based on facts. Using the constant feed of intelligence into our extensive bill review database, we calculate the impact of different PPO network configurations so you can make decisions based on fact, after considering all available options.

And once your strategic network is up and running, we continuously track its performance and monitor it for opportunities to further improve cost and quality.

Our PPO network management solutions include:

  • Customized alignments by geographic location
  • Utilization of multiple network partners
  • MPN, HCN, MCO/MCA administration
  • Customizable specialty network alignments
  • Annual analysis of network performance
  • Worksite injury panel development and maintenance
  • Online provider directories