Legal Invoice Analytics Solutions

Invoice Review & Compliance Automation Platform

More than 50% of a law department’s budget is spent on outside law firms, requiring some companies to validate payment for invoices consisting of thousands of line items annually.


Conduent’s legal invoice analytics solution is an automated legal billing platform designed to save money and deliver reliable and actionable insights.

Legal Invoice Analytics “LIA” Solution Overview

  • Drive compliance & eliminate overpayments- clients save 5-10% of their outside counsel spend when used alongside an automated legal billing platform
  • Optimize invoice review & reduce manual work through our legal billing review software – clients reduce manual invoice review time by up to 80%
  • Deliver reliable data & drive actionable insights- our legal invoice review platform provides reliable spend data that law departments can analyze to drive additional savings

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Our client reduced outside counsel overspend by 5%

“Conduent Legal Invoice Analytics delivered actionable data and insights to help our legal ops teams measure and benchmark key metrics…”
– Corporate Counsel, Fortune 50 Corporation

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Why Conduent Legal Invoice Analytics?

  • Greater Productivity

    Reduce departmental overhead by up to 80%

  • Cost Reduction

    Reduce overspend by outside counsel up to 10% and deliver ROI day 1

  • Strengthen Billing Guidelines

    Goes beyond “LEDES” compliance and identifies “hidden” areas of spend

  • Improve Law Firm Relationship

    Through consistent billing review and accelerated payments

  • Enable Faster, Data-Based Business Decisions

    Achieve better results with ML and customizable advanced analytics

  • Professional Services

    15+ years of expertise in legal solutions

Global Reach and Scale

Fortune 100 companies are clients
Government entities are clients
Employees worldwide