Legal Invoice Analytics Solutions

Invoice Review & Compliance Automation Platform

More than 50% of a law department’s budget is spent on outside law firms, requiring some companies to validate payment for invoices consisting of thousands of line items annually.

Legal Invoice Analytics Solution Overview

  • Drive compliance & eliminate overpayments- clients save 5-10% of their outside counsel spend
  • Optimize invoice review & reduce manual work – clients reduce the time wasted on invoice review by up to 80%
  • Deliver reliable data & drive strategic insights- reliable legal spend data that law departments can analyze to drive additional savings

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Our client reduced outside counsel overspend by 5%

“Conduent Legal Invoice Analytics delivered actionable data and insights to help our legal ops teams measure and benchmark key metrics…”
– Corporate Counsel, Fortune 50 Corporation

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Why Conduent Legal Invoice Analytics?

  • Greater Productivity

    Reduce departmental overhead by up to 80%

  • Cost Reduction

    Reduce overspend by outside counsel up to 10% and deliver ROI day 1

  • Strengthen Billing Guidelines

    Goes beyond “LEDES” compliance and identifies “hidden” areas of spend

  • Improve Law Firm Relationship

    Through consistent billing review and accelerated payments

  • Enable Faster, Data-Based Business Decisions

    Achieve better results with ML and customizable advanced analytics

  • Professional Services

    15+ years of expertise in legal solutions

Global Reach and Scale

Fortune 100 companies are clients
Government entities are clients
Employees worldwide