Legal Solutions

Conduent Legal Solutions help transform litigation and corporate legal operations. Apply process expertise and automation to improve efficiency and optimize data-driven decision-making through analytics and AI.

Viewpoint Litigation Solutions

Skillfully manage litigations with current and efficient digital technology.

Viewpoint eDiscovery

Conduent helps legal departments when they need it most — managing lawsuits and investigations. In jurisdictions all over the world, we help our clients get to the heart of their case in the most efficient, defensible manner and form the right legal strategy to defend their companies.

Our all-in-one eDiscovery software offers completely integrated functionality in a single product: collection, pre-processing/processing, ECA, review (technology-assisted and/ or linear), analysis, production and case management. Viewpoint gives you the flexibility, scalability and automation to manage eDiscovery processes the way you need them to work for your unique requirements and caseload.

Viewpoint eDiscovery Hosting and Data Management

An end-to-end solution for electronic records management and related data production to requesting parties, leveraging a secure and robust global private cloud infrastructure, and managed by our team of experts. Our platforms are supported 24/7 by experienced and dedicated project managers and client services professionals that consult on and implement customized workflows across Viewpoint, Relativity, Brainspace and other best-in-breed technology, ensuring efficient review and consistency across all of your matters.

Managed Document Review

Rapid-response, high-volume document review and coding services by expert legal teams. Working with Conduent, you gain access to a bench of thousands of professionals located in key locations around the globe.

Reviews are led by domain experts who work in close collaboration with your counsel and are guided by experienced lawyer project managers. Every review is customized to specified case needs and conducted by highly qualified, vetted attorneys.

Litigation Analytics

Advanced analysis technology to help attorneys make sense of the explosive amounts of data in litigation, reuse work product, find the needle in the haystack and make faster actionable business decisions.

Litigation Support Services  

Business intelligence dashboards and data repositories designed to assist in-house counsel in better understanding their data under management.


Viewpoint Integrated Analytics for Legal Operations

Optimize your legal department’s work, gain key insights and maximize value for internal and external stakeholders.

Contract Portfolio Analytics

Manage risk through insight into your organization’s portfolio of contracts and expanse of structured and unstructured data. Using our automated, machine learning enabled processes, quickly identify a range of potential risks and liabilities (for e.g. force majeure clauses) that can help you proactively resolve costly issues early-on — by understanding business metrics, and historic trends and predicting future trends.

Contract Lifecycle Management

(Abstraction, Negotiation, Repapering, Due Diligence)

Leverage economies of scale and a knowledge workforce to manage risks, derive insights and support negotiations and changes to your organization’s contract portfolio.

Data Privacy

Protect sensitive employee and customer data in compliance with privacy laws such as the EU’s GDPR and California’s CCPA, and facilitate the exercise of customer and employee rights over data. Drawing on advanced analytics and subject matter expertise, our data privacy solutions enable companies to proactively identify and areas of risk affecting employee or consumer privacy rights. Quickly respond to data subject access requests, optimize performance and enhance accuracy and defensibility.

Featuring Viewpoint Integrated Analytics for Litigation Solutions

Optimizing litigation data can rein in out-of-control costs and risks. Conduent offers scalable end-to-end technology-enabled software, analytics and professional services to help you streamline processes for litigation, investigations and regulatory matters.

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