Legal Document Review and Translation Services

We offer highly scalable and defensible managed review and foreign language translation services to augment and streamline your legal document review projects. Our expert services directly reduce review costs with customizable and best-practices approaches for your unique case needs.

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Global Operations and Service Delivery

We offer high-volume, quick turnaround document review services in secure, state-of-the art facilities in the U.S. and internationally. Staffed by highly qualified vetted attorneys, each review is customized to your case needs. We provide expertise in the following areas:

  • First-pass responsiveness review and issue coding for litigation and investigations
  • Second-tier review for privilege, trade secret, confidential and other sensitive information
  • Merger and acquisition/divestiture due diligence support
  • Compliance reviews
  • Multi-language document review and foreign language translation

Our facilities are ISO 27001 certified and have the highest levels of security available at the physical, application and user levels. In addition to U.S.-based operations, we offer lower cost document review services in offshore facilities that provide 24/7 capabilities and highly expandable capacity. Our expert team adheres to the same processes, protocols and workflows as U.S.-based review teams, and is supported by local and U.S.-based project management teams to ensure quality and around-the-clock availability—leveraging staff across time zones to fulfill time-sensitive requests and high-volume demands.

Project Management

Project management expertise is critical to the success of any review project. Conduent Legal Business Services employs one of the largest, most experienced and highly regarded project management teams in the industry. Each discovery project is fully staffed by dedicated senior project managers with years of experience supporting document reviews for our clients.

Industry-Leading Processes

All managed reviews follow the same proven, streamlined process that allows projects to be completed in the most efficient, cost-effective and defensible manner – with an optimal end result.

Foreign Language Translation Services

Increasingly, our clients’ matters involve foreign language data. Our teams of translators and document reviewers have expertise in dozens of foreign languages, and professional expertise performing translation work for the DoD, CIA, Department of Homeland Security, The Hague and UN. Leveraging our translation expertise, advanced applied linguistics and subject matter expertise across a wide range of industries, we can streamline the review of virtually any type of matter involving multiple languages.

Conduent Legal and Compliance Solutions (“Conduent”) is not authorized to practice law, and neither offers legal advice nor provides legal services in any jurisdiction. The services offered by Conduent are limited to the non-legal, administrative aspects of document review and discovery projects. Conduent provides such services solely at the direction and under the supervision of its clients’ authorized legal counsel.