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We are experts and innovators with experience across a broad range of government and business process services. Our clients benefit from our technical and regulatory knowledge, and decades of experience in the healthcare industry.

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Conduent offers BPO powered by intelligent automation that gives Medicaid Managed Care Organizations a competitive advantage, with greater operational agility, faster time to market and improved quality.

Cutting costs and finding cheaper geographies will only work for so long. Pushed too far, this activity can have an adverse effect on process quality, operational efficiency, customer experience and your bottom line.  Instead, Conduent’s innovative approach to BPO involves balancing the right people with the latest in business processing technology.

Change is coming from an exciting front:  intelligent automation (IA) –

technology that turbo-charges BPO and delivers exponential gains to MCOs. Intelligent automation is a “virtual workforce” – software that performs tasks in an efficient, repeatable way.  Also called Robotic Processing Automation (RPA), it mimics human actions, doing work based on pre-set rules, covering both simple routines and complex processes.

Intelligent automation allows complete traceability, and reduces risk by limiting human access to sensitive data, either from customers or the organization at large. Intelligent automation carries out reliable, repeatable, efficient processes and delivers higher productivity and lower costs than offshore workers. It ensures greater regulatory compliance, and enables improved business outcomes.  IA systems scale fast and cost-effectively while consuming the same or fewer system resources. This leads to improved customer experience and offers higher levels of service at lower cost.