Conduent Health Outcome Solutions

Population Health Management isn’t delivering the results people had hoped for. But we’ve taken a different approach. And it’s proven to work.

We start with analyzing your value-based contracts to understand what isn’t performing. Then we evaluate the populations that have the highest impact on your results, and build care plans that can achieve the outcomes you need. Finally, we work with you to take actions that will achieve these health outcomes.

The Perfect Storm for PHM

Population Health Management (PHM) isn’t a new concept, but it’s experiencing a resurgence in the healthcare industry. The combination of the Affordable Care Act (ACA), consolidation of health systems into ACO relationships, and CMS reimbursement penalties are the major drivers behind the push to more tightly control the cost and quality of healthcare delivery.

Healthcare provider needs, payment models, and care delivery models are becoming increasingly complex. Combine this with patients, payers, and employers all demanding more from their healthcare dollar.

Healthcare organizations are turning to PHM to help them solve interoperability challenges and gain real-time analytics capabilities. But the real challenge is taking meaningful action based on all this data. Turning data into actionable information with timely execution is what makes the difference.

Conduent is making the transition to value-based/outcome-based care models a reality. The industry’s investments in optimizing clinical quality — as well as undertaking risk-based contracts – can only be successful if effective action is taken. We must improve the health of your diverse patient population, as well as reduce costly interventions, with effective, proactive patient management.

HfS Research Places Conduent in the
Winner’s Circle

Analyst firm HfS Research placed Conduent in the Winner’s Circle – its highest ranking – in its 2016 Blueprint report on Population Health and Care Management Business Process Services.

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Why Most PHM Programs Fall Short

Programs offered in the market today are focused on getting data and analyzing populations. But they are not truly using this data to take actions that influence health outcomes.

With Conduent, you get actionable information to drive a true, end-to-end population health management solution that can:

  • Monitor your entire population.
  • Provide health advocacy, triage, and physician led (and paid for) interventions.
  • Make an important difference in the health and financial outcomes you can achieve.

Unlike competitors with point solutions, we offer a model for seamless delivery enabled by our wide set of service capabilities, and based on specific, targeted health outcomes.

What Sets Our PHM Services Apart

We manage health outcomes powered by a set of underlying background services that are the broadest in the entire healthcare market. We provide those responsible for PHM with solutions for provider and member engagement, back-office processes, and complementary services.

Our experts are dedicated to:

We’re also are committed to lowering costs, improving provider and member satisfaction, and making healthcare more accessible. When we make the healthcare system work better, patients and everyone in the care system will get better outcomes.

The Proof Is in the Health Outcome

We offer a comprehensive platform designed from the ground up to provide the tools, expertise, and support you need to successfully deliver against value-based contracts. Our modular Health Outcome Solution architecture seamlessly connects clinical and administrative services, analytics and technology. This care system drives health outcomes that make a difference.

We ensure you have all of the tools and resources you need, when you need them, to customize the right solution for both you and the populations you serve.

We partner with our clients to offer improved outcomes, not just services. Fees are tied to the delivery of a health outcome instead of the traditional transactional/unit fees tied to a service. This helps our clients manage their risks, which is critical to the success of both parties.