Care Integration Services

Conduent Care Integration Services (CIS) brings immediate scale, efficiency and prospective coordination into the currently fragmented consumer experience environment of healthcare.

Conduent CIS has been at the leading edge of a connected, consumer-centric healthcare ecosystem for more than 20 years. Our capabilities are market-tested, proven and aligned with our clients’ immediate and long-term needs.

Our capabilities include:

  • Proven ROI—medical cost savings, member engagement, quality ratings, satisfaction
  • Speed to launch—60 days to impact
  • Agility—responsive to a rapidly changing healthcare landscape
  • Cost efficiency and minimal capital investment

Barriers of an integrated experience
Many health plans aim to transform the member experience in healthcare—to make it more personalized, relevant and focused on improving healthcare quality and outcomes. Providers invest in consumer profile data, CRM systems and self-service technologies, but progress can be slow.

Part of the challenge stems from health plans that have long-established functional siloes that interact with members independently of one another. Each of these functional siloes has mature systems and business processes optimized for the old “transactional” model of healthcare.

These challenges are extremely prevalent in frontline customer care. Customer care represents a touchpoint where members are highly engaged with the health plan, typically at a point in time when they are in the middle of a healthcare event. However, health plans have struggled to transform this critical touchpoint. Most call centers continue to focus on a traditional mindset of operational efficiency, rather than influencing critical healthcare choices and creating an integrated experience for the member.

The Conduent Care Integration Services Difference
CIS solutions enable clients to transform member experience, financial performance and operational efficiency in multiple lines of business.

CIS leverages:

  • Comprehensive data
  • Proprietary analytics
  • Leading decision technology

To create a personal, timely, relevant and impactful engagement of the member, health plan and provider. Our robust analytics and technology power high-touch connections with the member, resulting in higher member engagement and satisfaction levels.

Our flexibility and agility enables us to rapidly identify and optimize your engagement strategy, while our agile business process allows us to launch programs with new clients in as little as 60 days and continuously refine programs to maximize ROI. Flexibility and adaptability is especially important for meeting the unique challenges of the ACA, Medicaid and Medicare populations.

MedGine and Conduent Link
The consumer healthcare journey is powered by CIS’ proprietary rules engine and interaction platform, MedGine and Conduent Link.

MedGine is the “brain” that brings consumer intelligence and automation into every touchpoint between the member and his or her health plan.


  • Utilizes CIS’ proprietary consumer profile and health segmentation analytics to codify decisions
  • Automates workflow
  • Coordinates member engagement based on each health plan’s unique benefits structures, medical policies, business rules and workflows

MedGine’s rules engine decisions power all touchpoints with the member, including frontline customer service, self-service, clinical programs and back-office operations.

Link is the “central nervous system” that connects the decisions made by MedGine to the “vital organs” of the health plan.

Link works to:

  • Reduce agent training time
  • Improve handle times
  • Increase member satisfaction
  • Proactively address healthcare cost and quality of care opportunities

Combined, MedGine and Link are transforming the member experience from a transactional healthcare model to a consumer-centric model that focuses on improving healthcare cost, quality and member experience.