Health Plan Analytics

Our advanced web-based tools deliver a snapshot of your entire benefits landscape. By equipping you with accurate data about your health plan, members, claims and usage, we give you the confidence to make better decisions for those you are serving.

Health Plan Analytics Benefits

  • Increases speed and decreases the cost of decision-making
  • Provides employers and plans with actionable information, building analysis, benchmarks, models and data profiles in seconds, rather than hours, days or weeks
  • Consolidates and controls all health plan data

Health Plan Analytics Features

  • Analysis and benchmarking tools give a clearer view of your entire benefits landscape to drive more informed decisions
  • Modeling tools, which provide realistic comparisons, allow you to predict how different benefit plan components and risk options will play out in terms of coverage and cost
  • Profiling and pricing transparency tools help you get to the real healthcare bottom line, putting all the costs to your organization – from providers to prescription drugs – at your fingertips