Federal & State Services

All across Federal, State and local government, the right payment solutions can help streamline onerous, paper-based tasks by turning them into efficient, digital processes. Our operations expertise can help agencies streamline workflow in order to help reduce costs and time, and deliver exceptional service.

Workers Compensation Solutions

Hardworking people form the backbone of the economy. Governments must do all they can to support their workforce—even when an accident or unforeseen circumstance prevents them from working for a short time. That’s when things like efficient claims processing and case tracking can make all the difference.

Parks and Recreation Solutions

Parks and Recreation Agencies are always evolving to meet park visitor needs. What better way to modernize than through the systems you use every day to manage parks and programs? Read more here.

Utilities Solutions

Programs like Lifeline, Link Up, LIHEAP and ESA deliver clear benefits to the low-income households they serve but, administratively, the relief they provide comes at a high cost. Our centralized administration solution can provide end-to-end support to help keep your program objectives front and center while simplifying the entire customer care lifecycle. We can help you maximize enrollment, minimize fraud and expand outreach with a full menu of services ranging from initial outreach to program reporting.

Federal Solutions

Federal agencies have to struggle with constantly evolving technologies, compliance requirements, and complexity of information security. Our people, processes and solutions can help federal leaders accomplish more with greater efficiencies by implementing right technologies, reducing operational cost, and ensuring compliance to meet growing expectation of citizens and better serve them.