Digital Risk and Compliance

Provide the right combination of analytics, AI, and automation tools and expertise to draw insights and intelligence from data and transform how you manage risk

Our digital transformation experts support demanding risk, legal, and compliance demands in the most cost effective and efficient manner, with minimal disruption. Our technology services platform offers advanced analytics and AI-driven automation to drive value across the organization.

Featuring Viewpoint Integrated Analytics – Our platform extends your internal expertise by leveraging the power of big data and AI — to manage risk, simplify your supplier network, and stay ahead of rapidly changing legal and regulatory environments.

Our Digital Risk and Compliance Offerings


Contract Portfolio Analytics

Manage risk through insight into your organization’s portfolio of contracts and expanse of structured and unstructured data. Using machine learning, quickly identify risks and proactively resolve costly issues early-on — by understanding business metrics and historic trends and predicting future trends.

Data Privacy

Protect sensitive employee and customer data in compliance with privacy laws such as the EU’s GDPR and California’s CCPA, and facilitate the exercise of customer and employee rights over data. Drawing on advanced analytics and subject matter expertise, our data privacy solutions enable companies to proactively identify and remediate areas of risk affecting employee or consumer privacy rights. Quickly respond to data subject access requests, optimize performance and enhance accuracy and defensibility.

eCommunication Analytics

Exploding volumes of corporate data; rampant use of electronic communication platforms; accelerating regulatory oversight and globalization (with regional and language variations) all present new compliance challenges — and unprecedented risks — for organizations of all sizes.
Detect and resolve issues early-on with our eCommunication Analytics products: Customer Experience and Interaction Analytics, Content Moderation, and Workforce Risk Analytics

Customer Experience and Interaction Analytics

Gain a unified view of your customers’ experience and journey and an understanding of what they’re communicating about their experience with your organization across any CX channel. Draw on our advanced analytics technologies, automation, business process management and personalization capabilities to help you gain meaningful insights and foster a positive customer experience through interactions that are more individualized, immediate and intelligent.

Workforce Risk Analytics

Companies today deal with increasing exposure and liability for employee behavior that intentionally or inadvertently exposes them to risk across a broad set of areas. Telesales and customer account fraud; trading desk violations; collection practice violations; off-label marketing and regulatory reporting violations — these are just a few examples. Leverage advanced communication analytics to automate detection and intervention capabilities and ensure your company and customers are protected from these risks.

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