Strategy Tracking Solution

Services and technology to manage your plans and accomplish your goals

Conduent’s Healthy Communities Institute (HCI) combines the expertise and support of public health consultants with the leading strategy tracking software to offer a comprehensive solution to help you design, implement and track your community health improvement plans.

Create and Implement Plans

Creating a plan to improve your community’s health takes coordination and follow through. Our services help you build a plan, identify goals and metrics, designate owners and track outcomes.

Collaborate Across Organizations

We know that community health improvement works best when organizations work together. Whether your partnerships are just forming, or you’ve been working together for years, our solutions help you collect and aggregate data across multiple organizations, projects, and activities so everyone can stay informed, engaged, and meet shared goals.

Share and Communicate Outcomes, Performance and Data

Easy integration of HCI’s strategy tracking solution with the HCI platform allows you to share real-time updates within and across organizations. With automated reporting, we make it simple to communicate performance outcomes with your stakeholders.

We’re a part of your team

With Conduent, your organization will not only be equipped with the technology tools to make your work easier, you’ll have a team of public health experts supporting and partnering with you on every step on your community health improvement journey.