Healthy Communities Institute Platform

A customizable website, powerful analytical tools and access to continuously updated population health and socioeconomic data to tell your community’s story

Developed by Conduent’s Healthy Communities Institute (HCI), the HCI Platform is the technology foundation for a customizable, publicly accessible website with robust tools for analytical insights into your community’s health status.


Centralized data at your fingertips

Community health data are often inaccessible – tucked away in multiple spreadsheets or under a layer of query tools. We bring hundreds of indicators together and provide easy-to-understand visualizations so you can see how your community compares to others in your state, across the country and over time.

An online hub for community health initiatives

Used by hundreds of organizations across the country, the HCI Platform provides a host of technology tools for professional collaboration. Share evidence-based practices, find funding opportunities, prioritize needs, track program success, and communicate progress with stakeholders.

Storytelling through a fully customizable website

No HTML knowledge is required to create a beautiful and professional looking website with interactive maps, charts and graphs that will engage community members, partners and local government.

Powerful data management tool

We continuously update data from the most credible national and state sources, down to the census tract level. Combine that with your own locally collected data and you have a robust, searchable database with data covering topics such as social determinants of health, health behaviors, health outcomes, economy, education, transportation and more.

Focus on social determinants of health and health equity

Our in-house, custom-built SocioNeeds Index™ helps you find the zip codes in your community with the highest socioeconomic need. Our data includes rates by race/ethnicity, age, and gender to help you identify where health inequities exist in your community.

Database of best practices in community health

Once you’ve found the populations and areas for improvement, our promising practices database can help you take the next step. The searchable database has more than 2,000 vetted interventions, including those from CDC’s Guide to Community Preventive Services, so that you can find the best evidence-based practice for your target population.

Tools to track progress and share information with partners

The HCI platform is a publicly available website for your community. With equal access to information, partners are on the same page about what are the biggest challenges in your community. Our built-in tools help you share progress on programs and activities so that you can maintain transparency with community and stakeholders.