Sense Prepaid Card Services for Payroll

Sense is a reloadable, payroll prepaid card that makes payroll easy and efficient. It’s a great way for companies to pay employees who do not have bank accounts, or those employees who choose not to receive their wages via bank account.

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Employees can use the Conduent Sense Card as an alternative to paper checks or direct deposit. This convenient form of electronic payment lets employees securely access their cash, pay bills or make purchases.

For employers, Conduent Sense is an electronic, service-rich alternative to issuing paper checks. It helps you significantly reduce costs, improve operational efficiencies and increase employee satisfaction.

Advantages of Using Sense Prepaid Cards for Payroll

Benefits for Employers

  • Streamline payroll distribution with significant cost and time savings (avg. $6 per check for administrative costs)
  • Eliminate the need to track and replace lost or stolen paychecks (full reg. E Coverage, bank-issued, FDIC-insured)
  • Receive complete client and employee support and customer care
  • Obtain an easy onboarding and enrollment portal to add employees
  • Help your employees receive their compensation in a cost-effective way, conveniently saving them time and costs
  • Gain guidance on the ever-changing regulatory and compliance landscape
  • Get advanced fraud protection and robust reporting capabilities
  • Use our programs to aid in employee enrollment

Benefits for Your Employees

  • No check cashing fees or stolen/lost payroll checks. (Employees typically pay 3-5 percent of their check to cash checking services.)
  • Convenient, secure, flexible access to funds
  • Ability to make in-store, online purchases as well as Bill Pay options
  • Prestige of using a MasterCard branded prepaid card

Consumer Protections

  • FDIC insured for up to $250,000 per account
  • Zero liability protection for unauthorized purchases
  • Limited liability protection for loss of card
  • Email account alerts
  • IVR card replacement

Funds Access

  • Free withdrawals at in-network ATMs as well as at OTC in-network bank teller
  • Pay-to-the-penny capability
  • Cash back facility at retail merchants
  • No-fee POS signature and PIN transactions
  • Bill payment capability

Customer Care

  • Customer Care 24/7/365
  • Replacement card with standard/expedited delivery
  • Free balance inquiries through online and customer care
  • Employee and Employer Portal
  • Comprehensive Employer Reporting
  • Online transaction history

Why Clients Choose Us

Experience and Expertise

  • Our expertise in the prepaid card market ensures a smooth transition to electronic payment distribution efficiencies.
  • We understand the ever-changing regulatory and compliance landscape and can give you continual guidance.
  • We provide payment card solutions for more than 60 types of U.S. payment/benefit programs.
  • We are the largest provider of MasterCard Prepaid Cards in the United States.

Highly Scalable Processing Platform

Our in-house, proprietary platform processes around 35,000 transactions per minute at peak times, with 99.9% uptime. Our flexibility can accommodate diverse market needs with high capacity.

Advanced Payroll Prepaid Card Functionality

Using a proactive approach to market demands, our prepaid card solution for payroll offers complete accessibility to funds and convenience. Our prepaid card enables secure spending and payment flexibility, with scalable support capabilities. We offer a budgeting and spending tool to help employees keep track of their money, as well as:

  • Point of Sale, ATM, Bank, and Online access to funds
  • Pay to the Penny
  • Bill pay services
  • Account notifications
  • Incentive and employee bonus payments

Superior Customer and Client Support

Conduent has a track record of high customer satisfaction, delivered through high-touch service.

  • State of the art call centers, available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year
  • Advanced employee training, including money management programs
  • High percentage of one-call resolution—and high satisfaction scores