Data and Document Management

Improve each stage of the inbound communication process flow into a department or business process — end-to-end or individually, to streamline your operations and improve productivity. 

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Data and Document Management

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Our powerful Digital Documentation Services scan, index, manage and store documents and data embedded in both physical and digital formats. 

Digital Documentation Services — We transform traditional mailrooms into a digital capture and distribution center for business-critical incoming mail. 

  • Inbound communications – Our teams will work with you to digitize your inbound mail process, extract data and automate workflows — accelerating your business, delivering faster turnaround times and a better customer experience. 
  • Capture and data management – Capture and index data and documents from multiple sources and stop the proliferation of paper in downstream processes. 
  • Business process management – Improve accuracy, speed, and compliance within your processes.
  • Automated transaction processing – automates document and image-centric processes including content upload, storage, workflow, access, archiving and retention. 
    • Web intelligent queue (WEQ) with online file research, end-to-end process analysis, root-cause identification and reject processing. 
    • Our proprietary master control program (MCP3) routes and tracks business critical documents and electronic transactions from receipt through transmission of completed work back to our clients.