Data and Document Management

Traditional process flow — from your mailroom into a department or business process — often results in unnecessary waste and inefficiency. But we can improve each stage, end-to-end or individually, to streamline your operations and improve productivity.

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Data and Document Management

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We digitize the inbound mail process, extract data and automate workflows to accelerate your business — delivering faster turnaround times and a better customer experience.

We do this through a service and delivery platform that scans, indexes, manages and stores documents and data embedded in both physical and digital formats.

Digital Mailroom Services:  Transform traditional mailrooms into digital capture and distribution centers for business-critical incoming mail.

  • Receive, prep, scan traditional mail
  • Electronically disseminate and track general mail.
  • Shared service model accommodates changing mail patterns.

Capture and Data Management:  Stop the proliferation of paper in downstream processes.

  • Capture and index data and documents from multiple sources and formats
  •  Archive and retrieve documents as needed
  • Electronic distribution of documents to downstream processes, repositories, archives
  • Content management for the archival, retrieval and retention of documents and data
  • Inbound Customer Correspondence Processing

Business Process Management: Improve accuracy, speed, and compliance within your processes

  • Automate manual tasks.
  • Streamline and improve workflow.
  • Enable digital process transformation
  • Feed an end-to-end process with the right data
  • Process and automate exception queues
  • Improve process auditability.