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Streamlining operations, reducing costs and improving the quality of data

Case Study: Supercharging Enrollment Processing with Intelligent Automation

Periods of open enrollment are the busiest times of year for healthcare payers. The sheer volume of forms presents one of the biggest challenges — and for Medicare’s annual enrollment period, this process is still largely handled via mailed or faxed handwritten forms. Learn how our teams achieved 80% field-level automation for a Fortune 100 company by innovating data extraction capabilities with AI and machine learning.

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Conduent delivers end-to-end services for the intake, data extraction and processing of mission-critical communications — both paper and digital — for businesses and governments. Our highly automated document management services, powered by the latest AI and ML technologies, help our clients reduce costs, drive efficiencies and improve the quality of their data.

Ways Conduent Helps

  • Document Management Services

    Gain visibility and control over and ensure the compliance of your critical business communications through our comprehensive document management services and advanced technologies.

  • Healthcare Processing Services

    Improve the speed and accuracy of enrollment and claims processing, reducing costs and enabling better customer experiences.

  • Banking and Financial Services

    Ensure GLB Compliance with secure automated document workflow and mailroom processing for lending, account servicing, and insurance claims processing.

  • Intelligent Process Automation

    Automate business processes and improve the speed and accuracy of your data through the application of AI, ML, and RPA capabilities.

  • Digital Mailroom

    Digitize, streamline and accelerate corporate mail processing to enhance employee experience, business agility and continuity.

Global Footprint

Our global network of service operations allows our clients to operate with transparency, agility and efficiency while remaining competitive in the marketplace.

Intake Facilities

Our secure intake facilities offer multichannel ingestions capabilities — from paper to EDI — with multi-device upload capabilities.

Intelligent Process Automation

Through advanced automation technologies, we create smarter and more intelligent solutions to help our clients accelerate their business processes.

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Fortune 100 companies are clients
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