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Evolution of Benefits Administration - Podcast

In these times of constant change and uncertainty, HR leaders are expected to support and empower a hybrid, digital, distributed, and highly effective workforce — requiring a re-imagination of the entire HR function.

The cost of getting it wrong can be insurmountable.

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HR leaders across industries are looking to transform their processes to deliver an efficient and modern digital experience for their distributed and digital teams. In the video panel series below, hear experts from Conduent, ServiceNow and Leapgen discuss ways to integrate processes, technology and partners into a single, cohesive ecosystem to create the best employee experiences possible.

Intro: Key concerns for HR and benefits

Dynamic employee trends are impacting HR across the board. In this series, our panel of experts will dive into real client examples that have adopted innovative approaches that create sustainable business outcomes and a thriving culture.

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Part 1: How should HR work be re-imagined to continuously drive the ultimate employee experience?

We are humans outside of work. Now, a key HR focus is ensuring teams feel like humans inside of work, too. Learn how HR must evolve to be a digital function that creates experiences that teams have come to expect in all aspects of their lives.

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Part 2: How can an organization build and sustain an “experience culture?”

The tools and technologies to drive best practices and healthy behaviors are available today. By unifying disparate software and applications together, organizations can form a cohesive employee experience that fits modern needs. 

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Part 3: What does the future hold for the digital workplace?

New workforce models are pushing for a shift in success measurements, making flexibility and agility critical for both worker expectations and managing outside influences. In this section we’ll explore how HR can realistically expect to enable change.  

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Part 4: What are next-practices to create and measure workforce experiences?

If you don’t know, you can’t grow. Learn effective methods for defining and measuring success that generate tangible business outcomes and move HR beyond SLAs and transactional data by tying optimized employee experiences to key metrics.  

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