Plunging Ahead into Advanced Analytics

Healthcare Leaders Envision a New Frontier

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The healthcare delivery system is on a journey from a fee-for-service model to one that is centered around value-based care. The success of an industry that has been historically driven by “sick care” is now predicated on its ability to deliver the most affordable, personalized and preventive care to every patient in every interaction.

Within this framework, industry leaders are increasingly realizing the value of advanced analytics — analyzing current and past data to predict trends, improve outreach, and better manage the spread of diseases. From retrospective analytics to predictive analytics to the “holy grail” of prescriptive analytics, the journey to data nirvana is still nascent at best.

This paper offers key perspectives from healthcare leaders on:

  • The current state of analytics maturity among healthcare organizations today
  • Core challenges that remain in the widespread adoption of advanced analytics
  • Theories about what lies ahead as industry leaders recognize the value of
    leveraging healthcare analytics for clinical and operational improvements