Now is Time to Digitize Legal Invoice Review

Deliver savings, reduce manual review, and provide strategic insights

Transform legal spend management through automation and analytics.

Corporate legal departments process thousands of law firm invoices annually. When organizations manage this process with a traditional ebilling system, they’re compelled to manually review invoices for errors and non-compliance. Staff can quickly become overwhelmed by the influx of data — and overpayments can skyrocket beyond hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Digitizing legal invoice review can put a stop to this costly financial leakage, and intelligently automate the resource-intensive process of ensuring invoice/billing compliance, while also delivering strategic insights into high-impact legal operations initiatives.

In this eBook learn more about:

  1. How to improve compliance & reduce overpayments
  2. Optimize the invoice review process to reduce time spent by Legal Operations
  3. Apply analytics to unlock more value