On Demand

Legislation Unleashed:

Electronic Disclosure Option for Retirement Plans

Our team of experts will review DOL’s Safe Harbor Regulation for Retirement Plan Electronic Disclosures– and will discuss the how this new rule creates a new, voluntary, safe harbor for electronically providing retirement plan disclosures required under ERISA.

DOL anticipates implementation of the Rule will reduce plan costs for fulfillment, by an estimated $3.2 billion over the next decade, while making disclosures more readily accessible and useful to plan participants.

Key Discussion Topics will include:

  • An overview of the new safe harbor for furnishing certain retirement plan-related documents electronically.
  • Practical tips for employers and plan administrators in navigating the new safe harbor.
  • Detail about what is and is not allowed under the regulation.


  • John Larson, Wealth Offering Leader


  • Rachel Kugelmass, Center of Excellence Leader, Defined Contribution
  • Don Saccente, Center of Excellence Leader, Defined Benefits