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Evolution of Benefits Administration - Podcast

In this 4-part podcast series, Conduent experts and other industry leaders discuss important topics affecting plan sponsors, employees and benefits administration.

Meet The Experts


Michelle Hernandez

VP and General Manager, Conduent Human Capital Solutions


Don Biron

Senior Consultant, Milliman

Michael Taggart

Michael Taggart

Managing Director, Cahrus Technologies, Inc


John Larson

Vice President,
Conduent Human Capital Solutions


Bonnie Tichman

Marketing Leader,
Conduent Human Capital Solutions

Evolution of Benefits Administration - Podcast

Episode 1: The Evolution of Technology and Platforms

Our experts unpack the nuances between a pure technology platform solution and a technology-enabled benefits solution. They also discuss key factors driving the evolution of the platform market, how to evaluate the different platforms available, and considerations for organizations looking to build optimal participant experiences and engagement strategies.

Evolution of Benefits Administration - Podcast

Episode 2: Using Benefits Technology for The Most Strategic Advantage

Our experts discuss the role of technology and service provider partners in strategic benefits administration. From how to think about the role of technology in your offerings to the role that personalization plays in the employee experience, nothing is simple about benefits administration but there are ways to use the tools and resources you have for the most strategic advantage.

Evolution of Benefits Administration - Podcast

Episode 3: Bringing The Health and Wellness Ecosystem Together to Drive Outcomes

Employers are adapting to rapidly changing workplace dynamics. Learn how to prioritize the goals, increase engagement and utilization, and recognize the characteristics that define “great” benefits administration today.

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Episode 4: Getting Total Rewards Right in an Evolving HR and Benefits Environment

Employers should leverage a strategic rewards package for a competitive advantage in a tight labor market, one that demonstrates a great employee experience (EX), a supportive culture, and the full value of the employer’s holistic rewards scheme.