eDiscovery Solutions by Conduent

Moving data insights forward.

The universe is rapidly expanding.
So is the volume and complexity of data.


Flexibility, scalability and automation — these will take you far in eDiscovery process management, and they’re at the heart of Conduent’s eDiscovery technology. Law firms, corporations, and legal service providers need to be able to maintain a sharp focus on their unique data universe, requirements and caseload.

Leverage the power of big data and AI automation with Conduent eDiscovery Solutions.

  • Build on past matters, trends and cases.
  • Identify risks.
  • Pinpoint meaningful issues.
  • Resolve issues early-on.
  • Present the strongest legal strategy possible.

Our Solutions

Viewpoint eDiscovery

The Viewpoint platform provides all-in-one eDiscovery software with completely integrated functionality spanning across data collection; pre-processing/processing; ECA; technology-assisted and linear reviews; analysis; production and case management.

Through the client portal, users gain a single, centralized view into all analytics, reporting and visualizations across their legal and compliance matters.

The analytics-as-a-service platform developed by Conduent scientists and legal experts, gives real-time visibility into the millions of documents they review and classify for their litigation, investigation and regulatory compliance matters — across all cases, not just a single case. By analyzing data from prior and current cases, this eDiscovery platform identifies documents that are relevant for new cases and predicts which documents have the potential of becoming a legal liability or compliance risk, resulting in actionable intelligence, risk mitigation and cost savings.

Managed Document Review

Alongside our platform, we provide rapid-response, high-volume document review and translation services by expert legal teams. Working with Conduent, you gain access to a bench of thousands of professionals located in key locations around the globe. Reviews are led by domain experts who work in close collaboration with counsel and are guided by experienced attorney project managers. Every review is customized to specified case needs and conducted by highly qualified, review professionals.


Why Conduent?

  • Proprietary tools save clients millions of dollars in review and hosting costs
  • End-to-end capabilities to support the entire litigation lifecycle
  • Robust 15+-year track record successfully delivering on the most complex cases for the biggest corporations
  • Global footprint with private cloud hosting capabilities in U.S, EU, APAC
  • Holistic approach to legal spend management.