Digital and Data Strategies are Advancing for Patient and HCP Engagement

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At a recent industry forum, Conduent participated in an engaging panel with two pharma industry leaders to discuss evolving demands for actionable data to improve effectiveness and new behaviors.  Learn how Pharma is addressing current challenges with campaign effectiveness and HCP engagement.

Watch the replay of the FuturePharma panel discussion:
In-house Approaches to Dealing with Data

  • Andy Shaughnessy, Director, Customer Experience and Optimization, GlaxoSmithKline
  • Christopher Nugent, Senior Director, Digital Marketing & Strategy, Kiniksa Pharmaceuticals
  • Sharon Rubin, Director Pharma & Life Sciences, Conduent
  • Moderator, Randi Greenberg, FuturePharma

Don’t miss Sharon Rubin’s blog on these five key strategies pharma needs to embrace to move to digital interactions to improve HCP and patient engagement:

  1. Rethink strategic relationships
  2. Innovate on content strategy
  3. Increase internal capabilities and selective outsourcing
  4. Re-evaluate ROI
  5. Decrease the value of direct industry experience
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