On-Demand Webinar

Creating Sustainable Change in HCP Engagement

The current health crisis has irrevocably altered the pharmaceutical industry, necessitating new approaches to HCP and patient engagement. These major market disruptions require biopharmaceutical sales, marketing, and operations professionals to leverage analytics and adopt innovative approaches including digital capabilities to support their customers and communities to improve outcomes.

This roundtable discussion with leading industry innovators discusses how biopharma manufacturers can successfully increase and improve HCP engagement.

Topics include:

  • Considerations on channel mix optimization that increase HCP access
  • Skills for effective remote detailing
  • Techniques to improve collaboration that increase leads and generate sales
  • Trends that support collaborative sales and marketing initiatives

Featured Speakers

Sharon Rubin
Director of HCP Engagement Solutions, Conduent

Sharon is a marketing expert with 20+ years of pharmaceutical industry experience and 16 years of physician and patient marketing expertise across numerous therapeutic areas, including Cardiovascular, Oncology, Asthma and Allergy, Dermatology, and Women’s Health.  She has demonstrated outstanding success supporting pharmaceutical product launches and new product development.

Dan McCormick
President, Generis Global Solutions

Dan, Generis Global Solutions founder, focuses on commercial and medical affairs effectiveness. His perspective is a culmination of sales, marketing & strategy experience at premier biopharma organizations. He leverages analytics, efficient channels and technologies to develop solutions that focus investments for highest impact. He constructs agile partnerships to drive sales growth in both US and Ex-US markets.