Future-Proof Your Core Administrative Processing System

Assessing the Best Path Forward for Your Claims Operation

The need to improve operational efficiency, meet evolving regulatory requirements while delivering high-value, and satisfy the demands of today’s healthcare consumer have made the healthcare payer’s technology ecosystem even more critical to their success.  A roadblock to progress for many payers, while also an important operational tool, is the core administrative processing system (CAPS). These systems have, in many cases, failed to keep up with a myriad of operational demands to streamline operations, enable interoperability and improve operational agility. Forward-thinking healthcare leaders are now considering the approaches they should take to future-proof their claims operation investments and support industry-leading best practices.

This eBook is a decision guide and reference tool for healthcare payers, providing options and suggestions regarding:

  • The benefits and challenges associated with multiple claims administration modernization options
  • Key strategic questions to consider when evaluating system and support service options

You’ll gain useful insights to help you:

  • Expertly weigh the options for your claims administration modernization strategy
  • Take an honest look at where you are today
  • Determine how to best optimize your claims processes going forward