Assessing Your Core Administration Processing System

A Decision Guide for Healthcare Payers

The technology ecosystem on which healthcare payers operate is critical to overall performance, service quality, growth and future-readiness. The core administrative processing system (CAPS) is the nucleus of operations, customer experience interactions, billing, revenue realization and workflow management — the payer organization’s foundational operations framework.

A modern and flexible CAPS is imperative to remaining effective and competitive.

This eBook is a decision guide and reference tool for healthcare payers. See inside for important information about:

  • The positives and challenges associated with keeping or transitioning a CAPS
  • Key strategic questions to ask concerning any CAPS solution

You’ll gain useful insights to help you:

  • Expertly weigh the options for your CAPS technology
  • Take an honest look at where you are today
  • Determine how to best optimize your CAPS going forward