On Demand Virtual Briefing

A View from Inside Your Outsourced Partners’ Walls

90 Minutes

A new normal is emerging. The current global pandemic has fundamentally changed the way we think of delivering Customer Experience Management.  More than ever, business continuity and operational flexibility are the priorities on any CEO agenda.  The demand for Work-at-Home solutions has increased exponentially. This sudden paradigm shift has invoked both breakthrough ideas and new operational challenges.

Global impacts are creating significant changes for outsourcing providers as well. This Virtual Briefing is focused on how global outsourcers are responding to the changing dynamics of their geographical footprints, volume fluctuations, and the need for flexible operating models. Hear how global outsourcers are approaching business, employee, and customer considerations to support your organization in unprecedented times.

Session takeaways:

  • Learn new breakthrough ideas and solutions that are being implemented to ensure business continuity
  • Understand the benefits and potential challenges of Work-at-Home solutions
  • Map out the questions you need to be asking of your outsourced partner
  • Identify what you can do to ensure success with your outsourced partner