A Guide to Loan Servicing for Credit Unions

Creating a solid framework for the future

A Guide to Loan Servicing for Credit Unions

For credit unions, transforming an “average” loan servicing operation into a high performance, high efficiency one hinges on the technology employed and how well the numerous functional components across the servicing landscape are streamlined and integrated.

The newest technology is enabling traditional device-based loan servicing and collections systems at credit unions to make big transformations. These platforms set themselves apart by enabling individual functional areas to work faster and smarter while also staying connected. They’re driving leaner IT, lower fixed costs, and better, digitally powered services for members.

This eBook takes a closer look at the array of specialized functions involved in loan servicing and what it takes for credit unions to build a strong foundation for future readiness.

Look inside to learn more about:

  • How to drive efficiency with end-to-end integration
  • The level of cost reduction to expect with digital transformation initiatives
  • The essential attributes of a future-ready loan and lease servicing system