On-Demand Webinar

3 Strategies for Health
Systems to Get the
Most Out Of Data

The explosion of data can help your health system improve its clinical and operational performance. But having the ability to efficiently cut through volumes of extraneous data “noise” to glean relevant insights and viable information is still challenging for most.

So how can you find the best ways to leverage the data at your fingertips? Listen as Anna Daly, VP at Conduent Healthcare offers three strategies you can employ to share the right data that drives optimal performance and meaningful experiences at all levels of your organization.

Join Anna to learn how to:

  1. Quickly define and share KPIs with end users
  2. Identify your topic early and maintain a laser focus on it
  3. Tailor your BI applications to your audience

Anna Daly
VP of Data Analytics and Innovation, Conduent Healthcare

Anna Daly is a recognized thought leader and accomplished speaker in the healthcare industry for more than fifteen years. Her focus centers on the expansion of clinical data management and business intelligence strategies to help clients understand the value of the clinical data they are stewards of and how this asset can drive change across the healthcare continuum. Anna currently serves as the Vice President of Data Analytics and Innovation at Conduent where she leads the predictive analytics and cloud technology solutions for the healthcare provider group. Anna holds a Master’s in Nursing Informatics from Vanderbilt University and is active in the special needs community as well as bringing awareness to end of life issues and the hospice mission.