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Established in 2009, the India Labs was the newest at Xerox and the first of the famed research centers in an emerging market. Today as Conduent Labs India, we build on our innovation legacy with cutting-edge research in information technology to create a portfolio of differentiated offerings, enrich our customer experience, and enable operational excellence.

Excellence and diversity are truly valued at Conduent Labs India, where people from diverse disciplines work together to create unique customer value. Our members have PhDs from top institutions in US, Europe and India. Over 30% of the researchers are women. Several have experience from top industrial research centers, as well as entrepreneurship ventures in tech startups.

Conduent Labs India conducts independent research on emerging technologies as well as works closely with business teams to determine what technology can be commercialized in key solutions and industries. “The focus now is on attracting the right talent to make India the tech hub for our company and increase the focus on the research being done out of the Conduent Labs. We believe more tech solutions can come out of India, both, client related as well as internal solutions,” said Rahul Gupta, Chief Technology and Product Officer for Conduent.

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Saikat Saha


Manasa K


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