Conduent Labs is our core research engine, powered by scientists and engineers who are 100% devoted to technology innovation. These experts work hand-in-hand with Conduent business teams to identify end-user demands, understand market trends and analyze how our core technologies can have an impact. From there, they determine the technologies we’ll create next for Conduent platforms to help our clients deliver individualized, immediate and intelligent end-user experiences.


Our Research

Conduent Labs innovates for solutions that combine best-in-class technologies with deep analytical insights that improve business efficiencies and redefine customer experiences. While doing so, we continue to push the frontiers of science through research, exploration and development within the innovation arenas, publishing in leading conferences and journals, collaborating closely with academia, and providing thought leadership within Conduent as well as in the research community.

Our research challenges tend to be multidisciplinary in nature and bring together experts in our research areas to create innovations that have significant impact. We work with leaders across Conduent to help develop, evaluate, and commercialize innovations that help our clients capitalize on disruptive changes in technology, business and society. Conduent Labs has emerged as a premier research center with an impressive list of scientific awards and achievements, while making major contributions to Conduent’s business products and services. We are the primary center of innovation that has led to our portfolio of over 700 patents that differentiate the technologies Conduent provides its clients.

  • Machine Learning

    Developing advanced techniques to make sense of data and help businesses make better decisions, manage costs and drive revenue.

  • Natural Language Processing

    Creating state of the art techniques to moderate, monitor, analyze and extract insights from unstructured text and speech.

  • Computer Vision

    Applying the rapid advances in computer vision, video analytics and deep learning to automate manual processes and improve the customer experience.

  • Human-Computer Interaction

    Defining experiences that make software, devices and systems more engaging, understandable and usable.

  • Distributed Systems

    Providing deep expertise in data structures and systems design to applications in areas such as blockchain and IoT.

  • Process Optimization and Automation

    Identifying and implementing opportunities to improve process efficiency with a quantitative data driven approaches.


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