When conducting a clinical trial, time is of the essence. Because clinical trials are undertaken after a product’s patent has been granted, the clock is already ticking as these products are losing valuable time and market share. We can recruit, enroll and support patients–helping you complete clinical trials and get your product to market as quickly as possible.

We offer a seasoned team of healthcare specialists who have significant experience in patient screening. We also provide follow-up to patients enrolled in trials to assure compliance and adherence, which greatly increases retention.

We support the pharmaceutical industry, medical device companies, patient recruitment programs and contract research organizations with the following clinical trial services:

  • Centralized Screening and Recruitment
  • Investigator Recruitment
  • Patient Tracking
  • Site Support
  • Participant Retention

We’ve supported more than 30 unique protocol clinical trials through:

  • Rapid recruitment, scheduling, and enrollment managed by global, cost-effective and flexible call centers
  • Inbound/outbound screening of patients against inclusion/exclusion criteria
  • Reaching and educating potential recruits through digital media