Learning Supplier Management Services

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This portal provides examples of learning products created by our content design and development team.

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Learning Supplier Management Services through Conduent align to your current business priorities, while supporting future growth. We deliver the right services at the right time for the right reasons: to help you achieve your goals, while sustaining who you are and what you do best.

Offering Description

A company can’t just flip a switch and transfer responsibility of their learning organization’s network to us overnight. But our implementation approach is both fast and comprehensive. We rationalize provider networks, harmonize learning delivery, manage contracts and negotiate best prices with suppliers – all to help our clients improve their bottom line.

Our supplier management and strategic sourcing services improve the quality and consistency of organization’s learning and development. We shorten response time between identifying and fulfilling those learning needs. Our managed training services can meet the needs of both the learning and procurement organizations.

Examples of Our Content

Choosing Conduent to provide outsourced managed learning services for your organization means you can benefit from our extensive in-house capabilities. We have a dedicated team of experienced instructional designers and multimedia developers who focus on developing innovative, engaging and instructionally sound learning materials for your team.

With a broad spectrum of multimedia tools — including live action, animation, mobile apps, websites and professional audio narration — our managed learning services can deliver next-generation storytelling to communicate your organization’s values and procedures in the most effective manner possible.

For example, gamification and simulation can be highly effective means of creating higher learner engagement and enthusiasm. As a trusted learning service provider,, we can utilize these techniques to solidify an individual’s knowledge through a virtual hands-on experience.

In addition, our expertise with mobile app development allows us to create learning products that can be accessed by personnel virtually anywhere at practically any time. Because they are compatible with a wide range of devices, your employees have the opportunity to hone their skills and learn new ones in a variety of settings, instead of being limited to a conference room or classroom. These are just a few examples of what we have to offer.

General Overview

By leveraging best-in-breed suppliers, managing economies of scale and driving rigorous quality control, our learning strategic sourcing services move a company quickly to optimal levels of return on investment. We optimize the value of their vendor learning companies from…

  • Many relationships/contracts
  • Provider redundancies/overlaps
  • Dispersed processes and accountability
  • High resource investment that’s out of balance with value received
  • Uneven provider service levels, quality, reliability, access, and price


  • One relationship, one contract
  • Streamlined provider network
  • Coordinated process and direct accountability
  • Lower resource investment and high business value
  • Defined/consistent service-levels quality, reliability, access and price

Client Value Proposition

We rationalize learning supplier networks, harmonize learning delivery, manage vendor contracts and negotiate the best prices with suppliers resulting in improved learning experiences and employee performance – and better client business results.