Knowledge Connection

An Integrated Learning Management System
for the Digital Age

Knowledge Connection from Conduent is a SaaS learning platform that supports Learning development, delivery and analysis for both your workforce and the people you serve.

Today’s educational landscape is less about training and more about bite-sized, self-directed discovery.

Knowledge Connection is based on a guided experience philosophy. Our learning management system supports the creation of targeted, impactful experiences that easily combine custom, licensed and curated content to build prescriptive pathways, not training courses.

It includes custom course evaluation and additional content creation tools with mobile, text and video integration for custom, secure information distribution. These easy-to-use integrated learner tools are effective for just-in-time training, blended formats, competence assessment systems, regulatory compliance training, marketing and communication for next generation learning at any level.

With Knowledge Connection you can enhance training with optimized multi-channel communication capabilities that transform your learning into rich educational experiences.

Whether you need a standalone system or an integrated piece within your learning ecosystem, Knowledge Connection has the flexibility you need.

Features and Capabilities

Mobile Ready – In today’s digital landscape, successful learning strategies are mobile friendly. Knowledge Connection is built on a mobile first framework so that you are free to design while providing the user experience your mobile audience deserves.

Portal Management – Knowledge Connection offers easy to use tools that will allow you to create rich learning experiences – so design away!

Multi-language – Knowledge Connection easily supports multiple languages for your global audience.  Primary language experiences are based on a default language designation on the employee’s profile page. So if you want to create your entire portal in a different language you can do just that.

Dashboards and Reports – Knowledge Connection offers compliance dashboards, analysis reports, transcripts, continuing education credit summary, enrollments and even assessment analytics. All reports offer ad hoc configuration and most can be exported to pdf or excel.

Assessments – Building great assessments that actually work on a smart phone is simple with Knowledge Connection. Utilizing a common question bank and HTML rich question types, engaging assessments with multi-level randomization options are easy to construct. Set a time limit, provide feedback or include as a pre and post so improvement can be easily be observed. Want to find those bad questions? Assessment analysis tools plot questions on a graph so ineffective ones can quickly be identified. And for greater flexibility, assessments can be added to a course or delivered as a standalone activity.

Evaluations – Knowledge Connection offers an evaluation activity that allows you to combine general, instructor and content-specific questions into a single evaluation so separating out results is no longer necessary. Run a single evaluation report for one or all courses taught by an instructor. Segmentation by design makes this easy. Build your general evaluation once and use it as many times as you like. Knowledge Connection will capture the results and associate them with a specific course.

Streaming Video – Knowledge Connection has integrated the top streaming video service to help you upload video files directly from your computer. Video content is available in multiple formats with optimized playback for any device your learners are using.

Badging – Micro credentialing, customized badges, gamification are all attributes of a good badging strategy.   Knowledge Connection fully supports authenticated badging with tracking capabilities.  Through badge boards learners can measure themselves against all badges they can attain as well as see how many associates have earned a badge, including the last five awarded. Integration with badge authentication services can be enabled to help you truly offer employees the micro-credential experiences they expect.

eLearning Formats – If you don’t want to use the integrated authoring capability of Knowledge Connection, you can build courses in any tool to provide the content package you need. HTML, SCORM 1.2 or 2004, AICC and TinCan formats are all supported. Knowledge Connection can link directly to LTI formatted content as well. TinCan content can also be associated with any LRS when you configure it with your Knowledge Connection course.

Continuing Education – Continuing education rules can be simple or very complicated based on your accreditation authority. Continuing medical education is full of regulations and reporting requirements, whereas continuing education for other professions can be as simple as a certificate of completion. Knowledge Connection has a sophisticated credit profile and credit activity system that takes care of all the reporting headaches you might have with your CE initiative. In fact, we make experiences as simple as a click-and-claim for your learners.

Instructor-Led Training and Virtual Instructor-Led Training – Is your learning strategy primarily face to face instruction or self-directed activity? Knowledge Connection offers both, while also combining self-directed and face to face instruction into pathways of learning that are in its purest form, blended learning. Classroom activity, pathway learning, live webinar participation and apprenticeship programs can also be easily tracked in Knowledge Connection.

Assignments – Managing compliance training is just a rule away with Knowledge Connection. Rule-based assignments allow you to define an audience, define a course or collection of courses, define compliance deadlines and monitor in real time using the compliance dashboard. Audience rules can leverage your organizational hierarchy and learner attributes like hire date and job role. Audiences are defined by both include/exclude attributes and can be set to constantly monitor the learner pool for changes so that assignments are truly automated. You can also create a onetime assignment based for an individual or a group.

Enrollments – Knowledge Connection supports a number of enrollment options — open enrollment via a catalog, enrollment using a direct auto-enroll hyperlink, paid for enrollment leveraging ecommerce and other payment options like billing back to a cost center. Administrators can create enrollment codes to provide access to a single course or a collection of courses. They can be configured for one time use or for a defined number of uses during a specific date range. Knowledge Connection enrollment options allow you to simply get the right course to the right person every time.

Additional Features

• Supports HRIS, ERP and SAML custom API
• Live Webinar integration
• Responsive HTML5 environment
• Integration with app to app services for enhanced multi-channel experiences