Make your organization effective and efficient for the long haul. Conduent Learning’s consulting services hand you the keys to understanding how you measure up within your industry and help you choose an effective, efficient, sustainable path for your learning organization.

To turn learning strategies into successful business initiatives and performance improvement programs, you need transformation, transition and optimization. And you need to know which path is right for you.

For decades, we’ve helped organizations achieve business impact through effective learning strategies. That’s because we provide a clear, step-by-step approach to understanding and defining learning strategies that align with business goals and broader talent management strategy.

What We Offer

We provide an extensive repertoire of learning consulting services that we can tailor to your long-term goals to make your organization more effective, efficient, and sustainable. From initial assessment and benchmarking to development of learning strategies and recommendations, our experts offer insightful solutions to meet your needs.

Our learning consulting services include:

  • Learning Strategy: Whether you’re starting from scratch with your learning efforts or you have an infrastructure for learning in place but need fresh strategies for upcoming initiatives, we devise agile solutions that are right for your organization. Our proprietary Enterprise Learning Performance Assessment (ELPA) can take the pulse of your learning organization, and our Social and Informal Learning Readiness Assessment can give a clear view of how prepared your learners are to reject the conventional wisdom of classrooms and book learning in favor of learning on the job by interacting with others.
  • Measurement and Business Impact: We develop measurement strategies to show the impact created by a training organization, so you can make knowledgeable strategic decisions and keep a careful eye on your ROI.
  • Research and Benchmarking: Know how you compare to your competitors and find how to differentiate yourself from the pack. Our researchers compile industry data, best practices and emerging learning solutions as tools for you to build competitive and innovative business strategies.
  • Analysis and Design: We work with clients to document the current reality of employee performance, identify the ideal future state of that performance, and recommend the appropriate tactics and tools that will close the gap between the two. Our methods often include a streamlined approach to the job analysis process (Job Analysis at the Speed of Reality or JASR™) and curriculum mapping to help performance improvement tools meet specific business objectives.
  • Learning Technology: We can assist in analyzing your needs, designing your learning technology strategy, and selecting the right technologies for your organization. Our consultants and learning technologists can then move you to and through the next step of integrating the new technologies with the present, and then implementing the entire solution.

Mutually Defining Success

Our learning strategy consultants operate as your trusted partner, delivering value through:

  • Processes and operational experience
  • A strategic “diagnostic” for every learning engagement
  • A unique blueprint for success
  • Governance as a foundation
  • A commitment to execution of change and measurable results